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Overcoming the Propeller Supply Bottleneck

Posted to Propulsion (by Don MacPherson and Adam Kaplan ) on October 20, 2016

Maritime Tactical Systems Inc. (MARTAC) is a Florida-based company building next-generation unmanned vessels for military applications. In preparation for the “Rim of the Pacific” (RIMPAC) military exercises in Pearl Harbor this last July, MARTAC…

Measuring Noise Levels of Cavitating Propellers

Posted to Propulsion (by Frans Hendrik Lafeber ) on October 4, 2016

Traditionally, underwater radiated noise is mainly of interest for naval vessels and fishery research ships. Nowadays, however, there is a growing concern that marine life is affected by the rise in background noise levels in the oceans. Marine…

Fuels of the Future

Posted to Propulsion (by Wajdi Abdmessih ) on September 28, 2016

Chosing your fleet’s future fuel wisely The imposition of a global 0.5% sulfur cap may be less than four years away. This clearly will eliminate residual fuel from the available fuel options unless you have fitted your vessel with a scrubber…

Interview: Mika Koli, The Switch

Posted to Propulsion (by Greg Trauthwein ) on January 10, 2017

The Switch is a 10 year old company working to advance the world with electrical drive train technology. It is still a relative new player in the global maritime sector with nearly four years of experience, but its first reference ships with…

Marine Battery Systems Come of Age

Posted to Propulsion (by Annie Sennet ) on December 30, 2016

Stricter Regulations Demand Immediate SolutionsDiscovering new means to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiencies are top-of-mind for all companies in today’s day and age. The Paris Climate Deal, initiated nearly a year ago, is just one…

Interview: Johan Carlsson - CTO, Volvo Penta

Posted to Propulsion (by Greg Trauthwein ) on September 14, 2016

In your role as CTO you have to meld and rationalize regulation, customer demands and manufacturing issues: which do you find the most challenging?You get a lot of opportunities coming from technology and a lot of pressure coming from legislation…

SMM’s Huge Ship Propeller

Posted to Propulsion (by Eric Haun ) on September 7, 2016

Visitors to SMM 2016 can’t miss the huge ship propeller on the plaza of Hamburg's fair complex.At 48.7 metric tons, and measuring more than 8 meters in diameter, the massive propeller is a true spectacle and serves as the official symbol of SMM…

Better Turbocharger Performance, Proven Tech

Posted to Propulsion (by Peter Pospiech ) on August 24, 2016

Aside from the ever-popular “Fuel Consumption Reduction,” a leading player in the development of large combustion engines since the second halve of the 1980s has been reducing harmful exhaust emissions.In view of increased environmental awareness and the future price movements for fossil fuels…

Interview: “Mr. Diesel”

Posted to Propulsion (by Peter Pospiech ) on August 22, 2016

Ole Grøne, a ubiquitous figure at MAN D&T, turned 70 years old on April 26 and celebrated his 40th year jubilee with MAN D&T on May 1, 2016.Ole Grøne studied Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark and joined the Burmeister & Wain Company in 1976.