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Cleaner Exhaust with BOS Technology

Posted to Propulsion (by on August 11, 2016

BOS Emulsified Fuel System (EFS) provides fuel savings and reduces NOx and PM emissions.

Before and after the use of BOS Emulsified Fuel System (Photo: BOS)

Answering to a stronger drive in the maritime industry to reduce polluting and harmful soot, Blue Ocean Solutions’ (BOS) Emulsified Fuel System (EFS) cleans exhaust and reduces PM emissions.

According to BOS, is a Singapore-headquartered subsidiary of Keppel Offshore & Marine, its system reduces NOx emissions due to cooler combustion as well as cleaner exhaust and reduced PM emissions. The better combustion and presence of steam reduces and softens the soot, resulting in cleaner exhaust. This is evident visibly in the emission from the funnel. It also improves fuel efficiency by 2-5 percent by achieving better fuel atomization.

The key invention in emulsified fuel technology is the patented BOS dynamic mixing emulsifier that has no mechanical moving parts. It is designed to produce the optimal emulsion for bets fuel savings on demand reliably and consistently in ever changing sea conditions.

The system is designed for easy and trouble free operation. It is fully automated and fail safe with safety interlock built in, BOS said.

The company has patented the system, which so far has already led to fuel savings and reduced emissions for close to 30 ships. The performance of the system has been verified by classification societies and an engine maker Wärtsilä.