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Maritime Propulsion Blogs

Australia Prepares for LNG Fueled Vessels

Posted to Propulsion (by Eric Haun ) on May 25, 2016

Australia is well positioned to employ vessels fueled by liquefied natural gas (LNG) in certain sectors, according to an expert panel at a seminar organized by Maritime Industry Australia Ltd (MIAL) at the LNG18 conference.In fact the initiative is already in motion…

Finland Breaks the Ice on LNG

Posted to Propulsion (by Eric Haun ) on May 9, 2016

Due for delivery in Q2 2016, Finland’s new icebreaker Polaris is the world’s first to feature dual fuel liquified natural gas (LNG) and diesel propulsion, earning the icebreaking vessel designations as the Finland’s most powerful and the world’s…

Cleaner Exhaust with BOS Technology

Posted to Propulsion (by Eric Haun ) on August 11, 2016

Answering to a stronger drive in the maritime industry to reduce polluting and harmful soot, Blue Ocean Solutions’ (BOS) Emulsified Fuel System (EFS) cleans exhaust and reduces PM emissions.According to BOS, is a Singapore-headquartered subsidiary of Keppel Offshore & Marine…

Cat C32 Engine Room Video Tour

Posted to Propulsion (by Eric Haun ) on August 10, 2016

Cat Marine goes inside the engine room of the 40-meter Horizon motor yacht Lady Leila, powered by Cat C32 ACERT propulsion engines. C32 ACERT propulsion engine ratings of 1,925 mhp (1,900 bhp) 1,417 bkW, 1,825 mhp (1,800 bhp) 1,342 bkW, and 1…

Interview: “Mr. Diesel”

Posted to Propulsion (by Peter Pospiech ) on August 22, 2016

Ole Grøne, a ubiquitous figure at MAN D&T, turned 70 years old on April 26 and celebrated his 40th year jubilee with MAN D&T on May 1, 2016.Ole Grøne studied Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark and joined the Burmeister & Wain Company in 1976.

Engine Profile: Bergen B33:45

Posted to Propulsion (by Eric Haun ) on August 8, 2016

Rolls-Royce’s fuel efficient medium-speed engine Bergen B33:45, which has been designed to offer a 20 percent increase in power per cylinder compared to existing engines in the Bergen range, has seen approximately 40 units contracted since its…

Ottawa’s New Tour Boat: It’s Electric

Posted to Propulsion (by By Eric Haun ) on August 4, 2016

Now plying the Rideau Canal is an all-new, emissions-free electric tour boat powered by two 80-horsepower Torqeedo electric motors.The high-tech 75-footer, Queen Elizabeth Dr., is reportedly Canada’s largest electric tour boat, officially launched on June 9…

Volvo Penta Debuts New D8 Diesel Engine & IPS

Posted to Propulsion (by Greg Trauthwein ) on June 14, 2016

(All photos courtesy of Greg Trauthwein or Volvo Penta)Ever since the global financial meltdown of 2008 briefly crippled the world leisure boat market, Volvo Penta adopted a strategy to increase its commercial market share with its family of innovative propulsion systems and controls.

Carbon Fiber Propulsion for Megayachts

Posted to Propulsion (by Eric Haun ) on June 8, 2016

A new generation of high-performance lightweight steerable thrusters is the first to make comprehensive use of carbon fiber materials.Developed by Rolls-Royce, these new propulsion systems, dubbed Azipull Carbon, were designed to provide lighter weight options for fast yachts…

Big Power for the Prince of Wales

Posted to Propulsion (by Eric Haun ) on November 10, 2015

The U.K. Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers presently under construction are due to become the centerpiece of the nation’s defense force. Upon entering operation, each ship will essentially serve as floating four-acre military…