Friday, July 19, 2024

2 x Wartsila Vasa 8R22 HF-C Propulsion Engines 975kW@900rpm complete GearBox Valmet 3,25:1

Model: 8R22 HF-C


WARTSILA 8R22 HF-C 2 PCS. COMPLETE MAIN ENGINES FOR SALE We are offer 2 complete propulsion engines Wartsila 8R22 HF-C ( FUEL IFO180, IFO120, MDO/MGO), 975kW at 900 RPM 1st unit s/n 3865 27181 2nd unit s/n 3864 Complete with GEARBOX VALMET DIVC 420+PC350 , rate 3,25:1 at 900 rpm, 975kW - 2 pcs. Class Sert. Russian Maritime Register ( RMRS ) & Wartsila's Service Report avalible. CrankShaft - standart size. Place of inspection - Wartsilla Workshop in Odessa (Ukraine) Engineering & Installation on req. Till February we notify extra 6 complete engines with gearbox. Contact details: TECH.DEP. ODESSOS SHIPMANAGEMENT LTD. (Bulgaria) Direct to sales manager: +380978238384 +380949560804 e-mail :

[Product Type: Engine]

Product Specifications

Powerkw 975 kW
Rated Speed 900 r/min
Cylinders Arrangement/Number 8