Thursday, February 29, 2024

ABC Diesel Engine type DX

Model: Model DX

Brand: Anglo Belgian Corporation

Easy access to the main parts via inpection doors; Crankcase & cylinderblock in cast iron GG25; Con-rod and crankshaft in 42CrMo4 steel; Piston of aluminium alloy, with two Ni-resist inserts; Individual cylinderhead in lamellar cast iron; contains 1 inlet-valve and 1 outlet-valve, valve seats, air-starting valve and safety-valve; Crankshaft in crankcase with double bearing at flywheel-side; One fuel-injection pump per cylinder; Lubricating-pumps & waterpump engine-driven; Max B.M.E.P.: 12 bar; FMax combustion pressure: 83 bar; The engine combustion emission is in conformity with IMO-regulation and classification societies.

[Product Type: Engine]

Product Specifications

Rated Speed 120 r/min
Cylinders Arrangement/Number 3
Stroke 320 mm (12.60in)
Bore 242 mm (9.53in)