Saturday, May 18, 2024

CNC pipe bender

Model: KM-PB76

Brand: King-mazon

PB Style CNC Pipe Bender is the product of King-mazon cooperation with Addison. This CNC Pipe Bender use industrial computer and special software of CNC pipe bender, with multi axis servo control and servo hydraulic control. It has lots of functions,such as automatic feeding,automatic rotating,automatic changing tooling,automatic read drawing,automatic edit and modify the process documents,automatic correction rebound data,automatic loading and unloading,detect pipe precision,automatic reverse change process documents and process programme,automatic diagnosis fault, 3D pipe display and simulation, pipe virtual bending simulation, 3 D interference detection according to detecting result,etc.It can bend OD 114.3mm.This equipment use advanced computer to control machine's actions to improve quality and effiency of products and reduce cost of product.The equipment has high automation, high precision, high efficiency, low labor strength, etc. PB Style CNC Pipe Bender and Electric Pipe Bender almost is the first choice for the field of aerospace, automotive, motorcycle, nuclear industry, boiler, shippingbuilding for cold bending. 1-5 stack tooling of PB Style CNC Pipe Bender is optional.

[Product Type: Engine]