Thursday, May 23, 2024

EASZ-1 Moisture in Oil Sensor

Model: EASZ-1

Brand: EESiFlo

Continuous and accurate monitoring of water in oil contamination including lubrication oils, fuels and hydraulic oils, diesel and any oil based chemical. The EASZ-1 is a unique water in oil monitoring system which provides online water reporting for all types of Engine fuel or Lubrication, Pipelines, Turbines, Thrusters, Azipods, Gears, Separators, Vacuum Oil Dehydrators, Basket Type Oil Centrifuges, High Speed Purifiers and various Filtration Systems and Stabilizers with a means of continuous monitoring of the oil systems for possible water in oil contamination. The EASZ-1 temperature compensated microprocessor based loop powered water in oil sensor enables fast and reliable drift free online detection and monitoring of moisture percentage or ppm water in oil.

[Product Type: Engine Control]

Product Specifications

Radiographic Inspection: 10% on Pressure Welds
Dye Penetrant Test: All Welds
Hydrographic Pressure Report: ANSI B31.3
Intrinsically Safe: ATEX, ICEx & CSA EEx ia IIB T4
Temperature Compensation: 0 to 150 deg C
Accuracy: 0.05% TWC
Resolution: 30 ppm
Measurement Range: 0 to 100% Total Water Content - User Adjustable
Flanges: ANSI 150 to 900
Size: 1 inch to 48 inch pipes
Material 316L Stainless Steel throughout
Rating Intrinsically Safe