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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by May 8, 2017

ABB Shaft Generators, Turbochargers for DFDS Vessels

Photo: ABB

ABB shaft generators will raise the energy efficiency on two DFDS vessels which have been designed to meet the latest environmental regulations. Two shaft generators will be installed in each of the cargo Ro-Ro ships allowing the main engines to operate at a wider, more optimal speed range. The shaft generator system takes its power from main engines, thereby increasing safety if there is a failure on the auxiliary engine. The ships’ main engines will also be turbocharged by ABB’s latest generation technology.

Juha Koskela, Managing Director of ABB’s Marine and Ports business, said, “Efficiency and safety are cornerstones of the maritime industry and our shaft generators will introduce both to these DFDS vessels. Not only is this an environmentally friendly technology but it is also very cost effective.”
By using an alternative power source the shaft generators allow the main engines and the propeller pitch to be optimized no matter what the vessel speed, adding the load on the main engine and improving overall fuel efficiency. The system will be tailored for the vessels which will operate in DFDS’ North Sea network.
The shaft generator system also enables the vessel to be sensitive to the local community and environment when it reaches port as it is compatible with shore-to-ship power. This allows the ship to shut down its auxiliary engines when it berths, therefore reducing emissions and vibrations.
Two high performance A270-L turbochargers, for two-stroke engines were selected for each vessel, reducing fuel and consequently lowering emissions further. For the typical demands of low-speed marine engines, the turbochargers offer greater engine operating flexibility: high pressure tuning for part or low loads, and designed for best efficiency in slow-, and ultra-slow steaming.
The two 6,700 lane meter Ro-Ros, the largest ever freight vessels to be built for DFDS, will be built by Jinling Shipyard in China for delivery at the beginning of 2019, with an option of a further four vessels.

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