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May 30, 2014

ABB Turbocharging to Showcase at Posidonia 2014

ABB Turbocharging says it will be showcasing its key products, technology innovations and solutions at the Posidonia 2014 Expo in Athens, Greece, from 2, to 6, June. Details of the high-tech marine engine turbochargers to be spotlighted are as follows:

A200-L, 2-stroke turbocharging
A centerpiece of the ABB Turbocharging stand will be the new A200-L turbocharger, which targets the low-speed 2-stroke engines used in the tankers, bulkers and container ships which form such an important part of the Greek merchant fleet.

A key highlight of the A200-L is the improved design of compressor wheel, enabling it to attain up to 30% greater volume flow, higher pressure ratios and higher overall efficiency than its direct predecessor - but from a considerably smaller package.

High Pressure Tuning (HPT)
More powerful engines have meant more efficient, high-pressure turbochargers. The state-of-the-art has always required extra hardware such as exhaust gas bypass or variable turbine geometry to make the most of turbocharging pressure ratio and efficiency for part and low load.

High-pressure tuning (HPT) by ABB does all that without such add-ons by delaying exhaust valve closing somewhat later than in an engine with conventional tuning. Engines tuned with HPT can offer additional savings in fuel consumption, while lowering emissions.

Second generation of Power2, 4-stroke turbocharging
Following the successful launch and implementation of the first generation of Power2®, ABB’s two- stage turbocharging system for the four-stroke market – already over 120 systems installed – ABB Turbocharging has now launched the second generation of Power2.

One of the technical highlights of the second-generation of Power2 is the ability to achieve pressure ratios of up to 12 compared to around 8 with the first generation, while maintaining favorable turbocharging efficiencies of 75% and above.

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