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Maritime Propulsion

September 19, 2014

ABB Wins Boa Offshore Contract

Boa Offshore has chosen ABB Turbocharging’s proactive Maintenance Management Agreement for servicing of turbochargers aboard four of its vessels, ensuring, says ABB Turbocharging, on-time servicing at agreed prices with a minimum of administration.

ABB's MMA Maintenance Management Agreement, gives turbocharger end users desiring close support of turbocharger servicing the chance to substantially reduce their administrative and technical workloads.

The new MMA has duration of three years and covers the servicing of turbochargers aboard four ships owned by Boa Offshore AS, a leading Norwegian operator of specialized vessels, including a fleet of offshore vessels for the oil and gas industry.

Importantly, the arrangement comprises not only servicing of the ship’s turbochargers in Norway but also at any other location worldwide where work may be required. This aspect is facilitated by ABB’s excellent global coverage via a network of 100 Service Stations in over 50 countries and covering all the major centers of marine activity, ABB states.

In detail, the four vessels benefitting from the new MMA are two of Boa Offshore’s AHTS/ROV (Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels with Remote Operated Vehicle support capability) and two of its OCVs (Offshore Construction vessels). The ABB turbochargers involved are six type TPL65, four type TPL67 and two type VTR250 units mounted on 3500 and 3600 series diesel engines from Caterpillar Marine.

“A major benefit of an MMA for operators like Boa Offshore is that ABB Turbocharging proactively takes over key tasks in scheduling and preparing turbocharging servicing,” states Erik Nilsson, Sales Manager and Head of ABB Turbocharging’s important Service Station in Bergen, Norway, at the center of the local offshore oil and gas industry. “These include tracking the condition of the customer’s turbochargers and informing of an approaching service event well in advance. This gives the customer an excellent overview of his service requirements and allows precise planning of expenditures."

"At the same time, regular, scheduled servicing maximizes the turbochargers’ availability by avoiding unplanned downtime. When a service event is on the horizon we prepare a quotation in the form of standardized, predefined packages. Thus, MMA customers benefits from lower prices via early ordering and the knowledge that ABB Turbocharging is closely supporting the management of their equipment.”

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