Saturday, April 1, 2023
Maritime Propulsion

April 11, 2022

ABS Publishes Guidance on Hybrid Electric Power Systems

(Image: ABS)

Classification society ABS has published new technical guidance on hybrid electric power systems (HEPS) for vessels.

Available for download from the company's website, the publication, Practical Considerations for Hybrid Electric Power Systems Onboard Vessels, explores the different forms of HEPS and offers practical insight into their application on board. It explores renewable energy sources, energy storage systems, battery management approaches, the potential for modeling and simulation, and the impact to port infrastructure as well as the regulatory landscape.

“Hybrid electric systems are a viable option to support the industry in meeting IMO GHG reduction targets. We see a wide variety of applications at sea and these diverse operational profiles have created multiple power and propulsion architectures. This insight from ABS is designed to support the industry in capitalizing on the potential of HEPS technologies with a focus on safety and sustainability,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technology.