Saturday, August 13, 2022
Maritime Propulsion

September 30, 2021

Aker BP Charters Møkster's Battery-powered Platform Supply Vessel

Credit: Møkster

‍Norwegian oil firm Aker BP has awarded a three-year charter for Møkster's platform supply vessel with battery hybridization.

The Norwegian shipowner has a hybridization program on-going for three vessels and one of these vessels, the Stril Polar, will continue to serve Aker BP under the new contract on completion of the battery installation in January 2022. 

"Møkster is very pleased with this new contract and is grateful to Aker BP giving us the opportunity to deliver low-emission vessels for their requirements. Møkster estimates reduced CO2 emissions in about 1000 tons per year for this vessel. Møkster has delivered vessel services to Aker BP for a number of years and we are looking forward to continuing our co-operation moving forward," the offshore shipping company said. 

Møkster said that closer cooperation between oil companies and vessel owners would be the key to success for when it comes to reducing environmental impact, as well as for more efficient marine logistic operations. 

"Møkster regards this contract to be a very important step to reach Møkster’s internal goals of 40% reduction of GHG emissions by 2030," the company said.

Separately, Aker BP has this week also chartered low-emission platform supply vessels from Solstad Offshore and Eidesvik Offshore.