Sunday, December 3, 2023
Maritime Propulsion

October 17, 2023

Amogy: Policy and Standards Needed for Ammonia

Ammonia-to-power solutions company Amogy Inc. has released a white paper titled "Ammonia as a Clean Energy Solution for Maritime Use."

Ammonia has emerged as a promising fuel source for a wide range of vessel types, but realizing its potential requires a combination of production incentives, sector-specific policies, and standardized ammonia usage practices throughout the maritime value chain.

The white paper examines ammonia's pivotal role in decarbonizing maritime applications. It provides an exploration of pilot and demonstrations projects aimed at testing ammonia-to-power systems, an examination of ammonia's significant potential for decarbonization across various vessel classes, a summary of how ammonia's performance compares to other alternative fuel options, and the policies and industry initiatives necessary for widespread adoption across the maritime sector.

The report concludes that policy support remains of critical importance. “Widespread adoption of low carbon fuels requires reductions in the additional costs imposed on carriers. At present this cannot be left solely to market mechanisms, and a combination of policy measures will likely be required. For instance, production incentives (such as the tax credits offered under the IRA) can reduce the cost of clean ammonia supplies for vessel operators. Likewise, carbon pricing schemes such as the EU ETS raise the costs associated with continued use of fossil fuels. An appropriate balance of incentives and emissions control measures is likely to be the most efficient and effective approach to unlocking alternative fuel demand.”

Harmonized standards applied to storage, handling, and hazard mitigation measures will simplify both training requirements and operational complexity. “The properties of ammonia may be well understood, but its use as a marine fuel remains immature. A cooperative approach to regulation will facilitate its wider adoption as a clean, scalable, and easily obtainable zero carbon fuel.”

Seonghoon Woo, CEO and co-founder of Amogy, says: “We firmly believe in ammonia's pivotal role in the energy transition, and Amogy's technology is the key to unlocking its full potential."