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Maritime Propulsion

November 20, 2018

Andritz Wins Order for Dry Scrubber

International technology Group Andritz has received orders from two renowned shipping companies to supply SeaSOx desulfurization systems for exhaust gas cleaning, thus confirming Andritz’s know-how in exhaust cleaning technologies.

Installation of both SeaSOx systems is scheduled for March 2019, said a press release from the Austrian plant engineering group.

Andritz claims that it is the only company worldwide offering wet scrubber as well as dry scrubber solutions for the shipping industry – under the tradename SeaSOx.

In line with the requirements of the shipping industry, Andritz has adjusted its well-proven exhaust gas cleaning technology for power stations to comply with the new sulfur emission regulations applying to shipping that will come into force globally in January 2020.

A shipping company in Belgium ordered a SeaSOxwet scrubber for a bulk carrier operating between South America and China. The system will be designed as a spray scrubber in open-loop mode and will use seawater to clean the exhaust gas from the main engine.

Andritz is responsible for the engineering work and supply of all the main equipment, including pumps, scrubber tower, continuous emission measurement system (CEMS), and the instrumentation and control (I&C) equipment.

For the second project, a cooperation agreement was signed between Andritz, the French ferry operator La Méridionale, and the Belgian chemical group SOLVAY to install the first Bicar dry exhaust gas cleaning system (SeaSOXdry) worldwide on the “Piana” roll-on/roll-off vessel. This solution uses Bicar sodium bicarbonate as the absorbent and a pulse jet fabric filter for SO2 and particulate removal.

One main engine and one auxiliary engine will be routed to the filter system. In addition to SO2 removal, this new technology will reduce the particulate emissions to lowest values. Furthermore, no wash water will be discharged into the sea. Andritz is responsible for the design, engineering, and supply of the main equipment.

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