Friday, September 29, 2023
Maritime Propulsion

June 6, 2023

Anemoi Scales Up Rotor Sail Technology

(File photo: Anemoi Marine Technologies)

Anemoi Marine Technologies, a UK-based developer of rotor sails for the shipping industry, said it is enhancing its efforts to provide its technology for ship owners, managers and charterers to install onboard vessels as they look to decarbonize their operations.

Anemoi offers a range of rotor sails, varying in height from 24 to 35m, suitable for installation and retrofitting on deep-sea vessels including bulk carriers, tankers, ferries, ro-ros, and multipurpose vessels. These solutions aim to enhance vessel efficiency as ship owners strive to optimize their fleets.

Anemoi's rotor sails are available in three flexible configurations - fixed, folding, and rail - tailored to meet the specific requirements of different vessel types and operational profiles.

According to the UK's Clean Maritime Plan, the market for wind propulsion technologies, including rotor sails, is projected to reach £2 billion per year by 2050, a significant increase from £300 million in the 2020s. This growth is driven by shipowners' increasing efforts to meet the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% compared to 2008 levels.

Kim Diederichsen, Chief Executive Officer of Anemoi, said, "rotor sails have become a popular choice for commercial ships to reduce fuel consumption, lower harmful emissions, and minimise the need for slow steaming. With a history spanning over a century, this technology can achieve fuel savings of up to 30%, making Anemoi Rotor Sails one of the most effective and sustainable solutions for today's shipping industry."

Anemoi currently has 16 rotor sails in production for ongoing projects, including four folding rotor sails to be installed on Berge Bulk’s Berge Neblina, a 388,000 dwt Valemax ore carrier.

In addition to these achievements, Anemoi announced in February that the Liberian Registry, which represents approximately 14% of the global fleet, has granted approval in principle for their industry-leading rotor sails systems.

Wind propulsion and related technologies will be key topics of discussion at the IMO's 80th Session of the Marine Environmental Protection Committee in July, where the readiness and availability of low- and zero-carbon ship technologies, including rotor sails, will be thoroughly examined.