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Posted by October 18, 2016

BV Approves Ionada Membrane Scrubber on Nolhanava

Nolhanava (Photo: Ionada)

Bureau Veritas (BV) has approved the Ionada Membrane Scrubber on M/V Nolhanava for operation in Emission Control Areas (ECAs).
The vessel will continue to burn heavy fuel while achieving the regulated 0.1% sulfur limit on emissions required under International Maritime Law, with zero discharge into the ocean. The unique microporous ceramic membrane is the only design that provides zero discharge overboard, while continuing to allow shipowners to save money operating on low cost heavy fuel oil. With zero overboard discharge, Membrane Scrubber™ technology provides a cleaner option, one that does not face restrictions from Ports and Ocean Resource Management authorities.
The MV Nolhanava provides a vital lifeline between Halifax N.S. and the French Territorial Islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, off the east coast of Canada.
Ionada President, Edoardo Panziera announced; “We have been able to achieve BV Class Approval, a major milestone in bringing an environmentally friendly option to shipowners. Class Approval proves our ability as a scrubber supplier, customers can count on our Membrane Scrubber technology for savings and compliance. It shows that Ionada not only has the latest technology, but also has the marine professionals in place to complete the class approval process.”
The IMO is widely expected to approve the implementation of a global sulfur limit for ship emissions for 2020. The emergence of new technologies will give ship owners options to pick the most effective compliance methods for their fleets.
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