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Maritime Propulsion

July 9, 2019

ARG, Sea Ready Enter Marine Lube Deal

Chief Executive Officer – Tony Capasso (third from left) and Chief Technology and Marketing Officer – Oliver Ferguson (right) of Sea Ready Marine Petroleum met with American Refining Group (ARG) leadership recently at its Bradford, Pa., refinery. Representing ARG were (from left) Vice President – Sales & Marketing John Malone, Vice President – Research and Development David Krantz and President and Chief Operating Officer Jon Giberson.

American Refining Group Inc. (ARG) announced its new partnership with veteran-owned small business Sea Ready Marine Petroleum, as ARG has designated Sea Ready as its global distributor of its refinery’s marine lubricants.

Already the largest zinc-free (ZF) railroad-engine oil supplier east of the Mississippi River, ARG is taking its marine line of Specialty Lubricants to sea. The full line includes formulations customers have relied upon and trusted for decades, particularly its ZF DDS Plus 9144 and 9140 for EMD and GE engines.

“Our zinc-free engine oil is now available to the marine market through Sea Ready Marine Petroleum in ports along the East Coast, Gulf Coast, Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway,” said John V. Malone, ARG Vice President – Sales & Marketing. He added the partnership could also deliver into the Caribbean and Central America for marine and power-generation applications using EMD and GE engines.

“ARG Specialty Lubricants are currently filled in more than 25,000 locomotive engines with millions of operating hours, so we know our high-quality products will meet the marine market’s demanding requirements,” Malone said. “This partnership of ARG’s lubricant expertise and logistical advantages with Sea Ready’s marine experience will allow us to serve marine customers in a way that no one else has.”

Sea Ready Marine CEO Tony Capasso said, “ARG puts us in a unique position to deliver marine lubricants. ARG’s historically proven performance products and Sea Ready’s hybrid business model combines the best of a manufacturer, distributor and trader.”

Sea Ready Chief Technology and Marketing Officer Oliver Ferguson added, “We are very excited about our partnership with the ARG team and we look forward to new ways of using our strengths to grow ARG’s marine lubricants line.”

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