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Maritime Propulsion

August 5, 2016

ASD Tugs from Pella Shipyard

Photo Pella Shipyard

Russia’s Pella Shipyard advertises a range of five ASD tugs. Their model 90600 has proven popular with satisfied customers returning for sister ships. Currently the yards has one of these handy-sized 25.4 by 8.8-meter tugs under construction for the ship and submarine builder JSC “Admiralteiskie Verfi”.

With a long list of design features, including fi-fi capabilities, centralized controls in the wheelhouse, and operational reliability in severe ice conditions. This latter provision is enhanced by the below water hull design at the stern to protect the Z-drives from ice damage while the bow is designed for ice breaking. The double chine hull and slightly extended keel for and aft provide directional stability while not limiting maneuverability.

The builder’s prospectus promises “installation of equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers." For propulsion a pair of Cummins K50-M diesels meets this international standard with each engine delivering 1193 kW (1600 HP) at 1800 RPM in a continuous duty rating. The engines drive Rolls Royce Z-drives giving the tug a free running speed of 12 knots and a bollard pull between 23 and 35 tons depending on owner’s specifications.

Two Cummins 6B-CP80DMS-powered gen sets each provide 80 kW of electrical power for ship’s use including the electro-hydraulic anchor winch and deck crane. Accommodation is provided for eight crewmembers while tankage includes; fuel oil 70 m3, lube oil 1.6 m3, fresh water 12 m3, ballast 18 m3.

The tug is being built to the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class KM 

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