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Posted by June 29, 2017

Aspin Kemp, MAN Diesel & Turbo Finalize Partnership

Photo of Jason Aspin - AKA, Wayne Jones - MAN Diesel & Turbo and H. Wade MacLauchlan - Honorable Premier of Prince Edward Island courtesy of Brian Simpson/Gov of PEI. Photo of closing ceremony agenda courtesy of David Rashed.

Canadian engineering firm Aspin Kemp and Associates Inc. (AKA) and German based engine and turbomachinery market leader MAN Diesel & Turbo SE have finalized an agreement between the two companies whereby MAN Diesel & Turbo steps in as a 40 percent shareholder in AKA.
Through this new partnership, AKA said it will look to build its innovative potential with MAN in a broader market for power and energy solutions. Company co-founder Jason Aspin remains a controlling shareholder and CEO of AKA. Co-founder Neale Kemp has retired from active business operations.
Jointly, the companies can offer turnkey integrated power, propulsion and automation solutions in marine and land based power industries.
AKA hosted the event at its corporate headquarters in Montague, Prince Edward Island, where MAN delegates, members of government, other business associates, staff and friends gathered and took time to listen to words from AKA CEO Jason Aspin, MAN Chief Sales Officer and Executive Board member Wayne Jones, and the Honorable Premier of Prince Edward Island, H. Wade MacLauchlan.
“It’s really been critical to go to the next level; where we can take the innovation that we’ve developed. It’s been important to find a global partner who has a stronger brand and is able to allow us to compete with larger organizations across the world”, explained Jason Aspin, CEO and co-founder of AKA.
“This investment and partnership is an important strategic step for us” affirmed Wayne Jones, MAN Chief Sales Officer and Executive Board member. “We have kicked off a future program ‘Basecamp 3000+’ in 2016 to grow the company through the global trends of decarbonization and digitization. Part of this program is investments to expand our portfolio of offerings to growing market sectors. In AKA we have found a new partner that is leading in highly relevant growth areas, e.g., electrical propulsion systems and the integration of battery storage into marine and offshore applications.”
The Honorable Premier of Prince Edward Island, H. Wade MacLauchlan, said, “More than half of the marine power in the world is being offered through MAN, and for them to be now partners with AKA can’t help but offer major opportunities to grow, to prosper, and to solve problems for the world from right here in Prince Edward Island.”
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