Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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Maritime Propulsion

Becker Marine Systems Establishes Itself in the US

  • Photo: Becker Marine Systems
  • Photo: Becker Marine Systems
  • Photo: Becker Marine Systems
  • Photo: Becker Marine Systems
For more than two years, Becker Marine Systems has been represented by a branch office in Houston. During this time, the Hamburg-based ship supplier has worked to position itself in the North American market, generating numerous orders for the company’s various product ranges.
“We have been able to significantly improve the degree of familiarity with Becker throughout the North American region and in the meantime have received a number of new orders“, said Walther Bauer, Director of Sales & Projects at Becker Marine Systems. Major orders include delivery of rudders to the new generation of U.S. Navy tankers being built at the NASSCO (National Steel & Shipbuilding Company) shipyard in San Diego.
Strong interest from numerous local shipping companies is also reflected by new orders for fish trawler, ferry and push boat retrofits. There is thus great demand for inland waterway transport, on the Mississippi, for example. A significant improvement in maneuverability and energy savings of up to 15 percent can be achieved with Becker Marine Systems’ innovative solutions, the manufacturer said.
“The entire Becker range of maneuvering systems and energy-saving devices as well as „cold ironing,” the external and low-emission supply of power based on liquefied natural gas (LNG), is in demand in the North American region“, says Bauer. In future, Becker’s newly developed COBRA (Compact Battery Rack) maritime battery system will be marketed and sold via the office in Houston.
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