Sunday, April 21, 2024
Maritime Propulsion

February 21, 2024

BEMAC Acquires The Switch

Permanent magnet machines (Image: BEMAC)

Japanese marine electrical machinery supplier BEMAC Corporation has completed its acquisition of The Switch Engineering Oy, Finland-based special electric machine and high-power converter product supplier, following a tripartite share purchase agreement signed last October.

BEMAC Corporation, in partnership with global trading and investment company Mitsui & Co., Ltd., has acquired 100% of the shares in The Switch.

The Switch produces permanent magnet machines (PMM), marine drives (DC-Hubs and single drives) and high-speed solid rotor induction motors (SRM). The company’s advanced PMM technology is integral to shaft generators for large ships, propulsion motors for electric vessels and wind power generators.

“In line with this acquisition, we are excited to announce that all products from The Switch will be marketed under the BEMAC brand as we move ahead. This unification symbolizes our commitment to delivering top-tier products and services under the BEMAC umbrella, further enhancing our global presence," said The Switch President and CEO Miika Reinikka.

BEMAC President Masato Oda said, “The Switch, in collaboration with BEMAC and Mitsui & Co, will continue to electrify the world with cutting-edge solutions. We look forward to the opportunities that this strategic acquisition will bring. We are confident the partnership will allow us to continue to grow and innovate together with our customers, and we are excited to see what the future holds.”

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to [The Switch's previous owners Yaskawa Electric Corporation] for being an excellent partner, for the support they have provided over the years and for the valuable lessons we have learned in various business and management practices,” Reinikka said.