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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by August 8, 2017

BOS Rolls Out New Engine Performance Software

Blue Ocean Solutions (BOS) has introduced new Engine Performance Software designed to provide ship operators with a holistic insight into the operating condition and efficiency of the ship’s engine.
The software verifies the fuel savings gained from BOS’ Emulsified Fuel System (EFS), and will be delivered as an add-on to the EFS at no additional cost.
The software also evaluates the engine condition against factory test data and establishes current trending profile (patent pending) for preventive maintenance, restoring fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.
“We are dedicated to improve continuously and add value to our customers through innovations. We are also planning to provide a fleet optimization suite to achieve profit maximization. It will use the latest technologies like cloud, artificial intelligence and chain-block with a seamless user friendly dashboard so that the user experiences the ‘intuitive power’ but not the fear of ‘complicated to use.’ This is one of the eco-products and services that we are developing to help the maritime industry to meet the regulated but responsible challenges of doing sustainable eco-friendly business,” said Jerry Ng Kok Loon, CEO, Blue Ocean Solutions.
According to BOS, the software together with EFS can help to improve the profitability of ships by reducing fuel costs by 2-5 percent, in particular, the impending 2020 0.5 percent Sulphur cap when compliant fuels are expected to be more expensive. The EFS also reduces emissions: NOx emissions, soot, smoke and PM.
The system can run on HFO, MDO, MGO and compliant fuel without use of chemical additives. Reference installations include cruise ships, containerships, tankers, car carriers, ro-ro ferries and bulkers. The performance of BOS Emulsified Fuel System has been independently verified by classification societies and engine maker Wärtsilä.


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