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October 4, 2017

Bosch Rexroth Celebrates 50 Years in the US

(Photo: Bosch Rexroth)

 2017 marks Bosch Rexroth’s 50th year of continuous operation in the United States. Starting with a small office in Easton, Pa. in 1967 and a handful of associates, Rexroth grew to expand into a newly built hydraulics manufacturing facility seven years later, the cornerstone of the company’s current manufacturing campus in Bethlehem, Pa.

As Rexroth expanded globally, so did the company’s operations in the U.S., eventually identifying itself as “The Drive & Control Company.” Under this claim, Rexroth offered a full range of technologies for driving and controlling motion, in applications large and small. Technologies included electric drives and controls, mobile and industrial hydraulics, linear motion technologies and pneumatics. The company’s 2001 acquisition by Robert Bosch GmbH resulted in the name Bosch Rexroth, and expanded the product offering to include assembly technologies such as conveyors, tightening systems and aluminum structural framing.
Today, the drive and control specialists operate worldwide in more than 80 countries, and the U.S. presence has grown from the small, Easton, Pa. office to multiple manufacturing, customizing and service facilities located throughout the U.S. With more than 1 million square feet of manufacturing floor space in the U.S. alone, Bosch Rexroth has become a true American success story.
To commemorate this special time for Rexroth, celebrations will take place at Bosch Rexroth locations across the United States throughout the month of October.
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