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Posted by November 4, 2016

Bosch Rexroth Introduces Modular Hydraulic Power Units

(Image: Bosch Rexroth)

Bosch Rexroth is launching a modular hydraulic power unit (HPU) program specially developed for the maritime and offshore market.

These power units cover a power range of 350 to 3,000 kW, and have obtained the type approval by Lloyd’s Register. The program starts with a "basic" unit which can be expanded using all kinds of options. Because all variants are included in the modular options matrix, a design can quickly be calculated complete with dimensions and weights.
Pierre Wouters, responsible for detail engineering of HPU at Bosch Rexroth in Boxtel, explained how the idea for this modular concept was born. “Within the maritime and offshore sector, power units are nearly always unique,” he said. “This means that until now, each HPU was separately designed and drawn. However, the market more than ever now demands fast response times and so a power range of 350 to 3,000 kW was chosen based on market demands. The units can be configured using a list of options, enabling the system to be made more maintenance-friendly, more reliable and more efficient.”
The Modular Hydraulic Power Unit (MHPU) program starts with a configured solution for standard applications. This takes account of the minimum functions demanded by the customer. The HPU can also easily be adapted to additional requirements. For instance, if one requires it to include an ecabinet and/or starter cabinet configuration. A large number of options can also be supplied, such as double cooling pumps for situations requiring redundancy, but also a cleanliness measurement system or depth filtration kit. The MHPU can also be fitted with pulsation dampeners, as well as a number of other options. Efficient IE3 electric motors, which can drive one or more pumps, are employed for driving the pump units. The MHPU program means that based on the request, often a detailed quotation and a 3D drawing of the aggregate can be presented on the same day. All this including relevant information on dimensions and weight. Moreover, a Lloyd's Type Approval has been obtained for the entire MHPU program.
“What we are doing now is developing 'industry 4.0-like features',” Wouters said. “That means that we fit the HPU with extra sensors and interfaces so that in the near future we can enable communication via theInternet between the MHPUs and the customer's technical department or with our headquarters.”
According to Wouters, the current program covers a large part of the market needs in the maritime and offshore sector. “Of course some parts will always remain that have to be designed separately,” Wouters said. “The systems are designed for a design pressure of 350 bar and a maximum flow of 6,000 liters/min. The functional switch blocks behind the HPU are often tailor made so that we are still talking about ETO (engineered to order). But the fact that the units can now be compiled with literally just a few mouse clicks saves so much time, also in production. This partly contributes to a significant improvement of the delivery times and costs and will ensure that Bosch Rexroth can operate even more competitively in this market.”
Pierre WoutersModular Hydraulic Power Unit