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Maritime Propulsion

February 29, 2016

Braemar New System Cuts DP Trials Cost

Braemar Engineering has introduced a unique new initiative which can save on average 25-35% of the costs of carrying out annual dynamic positioning (DP) trials. The system offers savings that hard pressed vessel owners and operators in the offshore sector can utilise to increase their competitive advantage while ensuring that the highest quality standards are maintained.
“Traditionally these trials are carried out using paper based systems which are time consuming to prepare and complete,” explains Kyle Eddings, Global Manager for DP and Offshore Projects at Braemar Engineering. “This new system allows crew and surveyors to use the latest tablet technology to control, record and analyse data in real time, increasing efficiency, and resulting in cost savings for the customer.
“We can cut-out up to three days of post trials reporting by simply delivering the document offshore rather than having the client incur additional costs and delay waiting for the surveyor to return to shore and prepare the report.
Explaining that Braemar Engineering has a great deal of experience in this sector, Mr Eddings says: “We are constantly looking at better ways to do business. Our dynamic team of younger surveyors are keen to explore how even simple technologies can be used to challenge traditional ways of doing business, to our customers’ benefit.
“We ran a successful trial of the system last year, and have now rolled it out to all areas of our DP surveying business. There is substantial pressure on owners and operators in the offshore sector to look at ways of reducing costs. This new system means that significant savings can be made without cutting corners, ensuring safety and quality come first.”
The new system uses high powered Microsoft tablet computers in all stages of the survey process, from preparation to the survey itself. The crew supports the surveyor during trials and results are then delivered instantly on site, avoiding the lengthy write up process that is traditionally carried out afterwards. Not only does this save time, but also allows any necessary actions to be flagged up immediately and any remedial action to be taken if required.

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