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Posted by September 11, 2014

Caterpillar Delivers 100th Generator Set in Brazil

Cat 3512 Diesel Electric Propulsion (DEP) Generator Set

Caterpillar Oil & Gas announce the successful delivery of the 100th offshore generator set featuring Brazilian local content from the company’s Piracicaba, Brazil manufacturing facility. The 100th unit, a Cat 3512 Diesel Electric Propulsion (DEP) Generator Set was packaged, tested and certified with an industry-leading level of Brazilian local content per ANP standards. In recent years, Caterpillar has aggressively invested in the Piracicaba facility to enable the world’s leading power solutions provider to offer a wide range of main power, auxiliary, and emergency generator sets that meet the Brazilian national content needs of the growing Brazilian offshore industry.

“We are proud of our deeply-rooted footprint in Brazil and we’re pleased to continue to build on our evolving history in the Brazilian market with such a significant production milestone,” Reese Jones Caterpillar Oil & Gas Brazil commercial manager said. “We were able to strategically invest in our Brazilian facilities to accommodate the growing demand for Cat power solutions and developed sufficient capacity to avoid any power systems supply bottlenecks caused by ANP local content contract requirements and enhance our customers’ ease of doing business with us.”

Caterpillar started operations in Brazil in 1954, opening a 164,000 square-meter plant in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The Piracicaba facility, which was completed is 1973, has offered many product lines including a wide range of FINAME-qualified power systems solutions from 90kva to 800kva with a capacity of several thousands of units per year. Caterpillar invested in an expansion of this facility in 2011 and a secondary expansion was completed in August 2014 to meet the local content requirements established by the ANP for the oil and gas and marine industries in Brazil, increasing its capacity to include the Cat 3500, C280, and CM32 product families thus extending the available Brazilian product range up to 9,200kva. “With a capacity for a large volume of production and significant demand for ANP and MCS certified units resulting in production of more than 70 units per year larger than 1MW, we will quickly double the 100 unit milestone we achieved this year,” Mark McClure, Cat Brazil factory manager noted.

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