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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by April 15, 2019

CCG Provides Icebreaker Nod for Seathigor

Photo: Thordon Bearings

Thordon Bearings has received a Canadian Coast Guard contract to supply six award-winning SeaThigor shaft seals for retrofit installation to three purpose-built icebreakers.

The 5,910grt CCGS Pierre Radisson, named after the 17th-century French fur trader and explorer, along with sisterships CCGS Amundsen and CCGS Des Groseilliers, will each be retrofitted with two SeaThigor forward seals during scheduled drydockings over the next year.

The order, confirmed on the 1st of April, follows the success of the 2017 installation and subsequent operation of SeaThigor seals aboard the oceanographic and hydrographic survey vessel CCGS Hudson, for which a procurement agreement was signed with the Government of Canada under its Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP).

Due to the success of that first SeaThigor installation, the government permitted the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) to deal directly with Thordon Bearings without either party having to go through a competitive bid process, via the BCIP – Additional Sales.

The 98.2m (322ft) long, 1200-class vessels are designed to Arctic Class 3 requirements and operate twin 674mm (26.5in) diameter shafts driving fixed pitch propellers. Propulsive power is generated by six Alco M251F main engines delivering 10142kW of power.

The seals supplied to the Pierre Radisson-class of ships will also be the first SeaThigors designed with a split casing, as Carl Sykes, Manager of Thordon’s Global Service & Support division, explained.

CCG is a long-standing customer of both Thordon Bearings and RMH, with a number of vessels operating Thordon’s seawater lubricated COMPAC bearing system.

One of the first CCG vessels to benefit from COMPAC was the 6098gt CCGS Des Groseilliers, which was installed with the system 17-years-ago.  It will be fitted with a SeaThigor seal at a scheduled drydocking in 2020. CCGS Amundsen will be converted to COMPAC at its next drydocking, when the SeaThigor seals will also be installed.