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Posted by March 2, 2017

ClassNK Earns EU MRV Accreditation

Photo: ClassNK

After undergoing extensive assessments, classification society ClassNK has received accreditation from the UK-based national accreditation body UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) as an EU MRV verifier, effective as of March 1, 2017.
EU MRV is an EU regulation on the monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from vessels, which first entered into force on July 1, 2015. This regulation lays down rules for developing Monitoring Plans and for submitting the Emission Reports to the verifiers accredited by a national accreditation body in the EU for ships above 5,000 gross tons which arrive at or depart from ports under the jurisdiction of an EU member state.
In accordance with the timeline of the regulation, shipping companies are required to submit a Monitoring Plan to an accredited verifier by August 31, 2017, and collect information and develop the Emission Report in accordance with the verified Monitoring Plan from January 1, 2018. After verification of the Emission Report and issuance of the Document of Compliance (DOC), shipping companies are required to retain the DOC on board the ships.
"Following this accreditation from leading accreditation body UKAS, ClassNK will be now able to assess Monitoring Plans, verify Emission Reports and issue DOCs in accordance with the EU MRV regulation,” said Toshiro Koiwa, Director of ClassNK’s Assurance Operations Division. “With extensive experience in the GHG verification, we are committed to providing the same high-quality assurance services for the EU MRV assessment and verification activities.”
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