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Maritime Propulsion

September 28, 2018

Coast Guard, Industry Partner on LNG Inspector Training

file Image: TOTE's new LNG-fueled vessel receives (LNG) bunkers. CREDIT: TOTE

The Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Natonal Center of Expertise, industry experts provide technical training for future LNG fueled vessel inspectors.

The Coast Guard’s Liquefied Gas Carrier National Center of Expertise (LGC NCOE) partnered with Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville to coordinate a four-day “LNG as Fuel Workshop” Sept. 17-20, 2018, for future inspectors of LNG fueled vessels, with support from industry experts and the Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Center.

Together, this team of LNG as fuel specialists provided Coast Guard marine inspectors from across the U.S. with an in-depth understanding of LNG fueled engines, bunkering evolutions, risk analysis, membrane containment systems, type C tanks, vessel operations, plan review, and firefighting techniques. The team was comprised of representatives from Texas A&M’s Emergency Services Training Institute, Pivotal LNG, ABS Consulting, Tote, Crowley, ABS’s Global Gas Solutions Team, DNV-GL, Chart Industries, and OCS Group.

Lt. Ethan Lewallen, an LGC NCOE marine inspector, said in his opening remarks, “The use of liquefied gas as fuel is one of the viable solutions when faced with stricter air emission regulations, coupled with rising maritime fuel costs. It’s imperative that the Coast Guard continues to recognize the constant operational changes in this industry to help inform how we will inspect these complex systems.”

The workshop consisted of classroom instruction, exercises, a live LNG demonstration, a trip to observe bunkering operations, and a tour of the LNG fuel system aboard the Tote operated vessel, Isla Bella. Those who attended will use this training to inspect LNG fueled vessels being constructed and/or operated in ports around the country. LNG fueled vessels by Harvey Gulf International Marine LLC, Tote Maritime, and Crowley Maritime Corp., are already operating on the Gulf Coast and in the Caribbean region, and two additional vessels are under construction by Pasha for operation on West Coast by the end of 2022.

The LGC NCOE is one of six nationwide national centers of expertise focusing on providing industry specific consultation and services to the Coast Guard and maritime industry. The LGC NCOE provides technical advice on matters related to liquefied gas in the maritime community; liquefied gas training and outreach opportunities; liquefied gas workforce forecasting and performance development; and technical expertise for the establishment of local and national liquefied gas guidance, policy and regulations.

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