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Maritime Propulsion

March 10, 2024

Corvus Energy Develops Data-Driven State of Health Test

Source: Corvus Energy

Corvus Energy has developed a DNV-accepted method for data-driven state of health (SOH) testing.

SOH tests for marine battery systems are mandatory and give an overall assessment of the condition, performance and safety of the batteries over time. These tests help determine the battery's capacity, efficiency and remaining life. Using data-driven approaches in these tests enhances accuracy and efficiency in monitoring and maintaining marine battery systems. In addition, the test can be done with close to no disruption to the normal operation which significantly reduces costs and off-hire time for the vessel.

Lars Ole Valøen, EVP and CTO for Corvus, explains: “We recognized very early that we could reduce cost and unwanted non-operation for ship owners significantly if we could do the annual SOH test without taking the vessel out of operation. However, due to the high complexity of battery degradation processes, it has taken almost five years to gather sufficient degradation data from the field and develop robust data-driven SOH algorithms.

“The work has been carried out by our experienced team of battery experts in collaboration with world-class research institutions and class society DNV. Large amounts of data from our installations, lab test data, and a powerful digital twin approach have been used to allow simplified test procedure requirements without compromising the accuracy of the test. This method will also make more frequent SOH testing a real choice going forward, enabling improved safety and more predictable operation, especially toward the end of the life of a battery installation”.

“This innovative approach, grounded in digital twin technology, represents a step forward for operational efficiency. We are grateful for the opportunity to give our input and are satisfied with the outcome. Fjord 1 looks forward to witnessing the positive impacts this new methodology will bring to our fleet,” says Sondre Austreim, Discipline lead electro at Norwegian ferry operator, Fjord 1.

Going forward, Corvus aims to further develop its data-driven approach to provide its customers with updated SOH verifications at any time requested purely based on real data from their normal operation.