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Posted by March 10, 2015

Corvus, LR to Present Hybrid Ferry Case Study

Texelstroom Ferry (Image: LR)

Corvus Energy to present hybrid ferry case study with Lloyd’s Register Marine at the Green Ship Technology Conference, March 11 - 12, Copenhagen. 

At the 2015 Green Ship Technology Conference, March 11 -12 in Copenhagen, Corvus Energy will join Green Ship Technology professionals in discussions to gain insight on innovation in sustainable ship design and energy sources, energy management and vessel efficiency, retrofitting, business strategies and industry growth drivers.

David Lokhorst Corvus Energy’s Director of Engineering will speak with Christian Kämmerer of Lloyd’s Register Marine reviewing a case study, “Texelstroom: the unique hybrid ferry” which explains the new technologies employed in the design of what some are calling the most “green/sustainable” passenger/car ferry in the world.

The ferry is being built for Dutch operator TESO and will run between Texel Island and the Holland mainland. Texelstroom a new generation vessel will carry 1,750 passengers and 350 vehicles, powered by bio-diesel or CNG with a 1.6 Mega-Watt hours Corvus Energy lithium battery system as part of the vessels advanced energy management system. The Corvus energy storage system also enables designers to specify smaller generators as the batteries are used for the propulsion in a load leveling capacity and as spinning reserve to provide instant power in emergencies. Texelstroom will also have over 700 square meters of solar panels on its upper deck providing clean energy to the ship’s systems.

Attending with Dave Lokhorst will be Halvard Hauso, Corvus’ new Executive V.P. Sales and Marketing. Halvard brings over 30 years of industrial marine business development experience to this role. Halvard most recently served six years as Senior Vice President at Rolls-Royce Marine leading the Power Electric System department and as CEO at Scandinavian Electric Systems before it was bought by Rolls-Royce.

Class approved by Lloyd’s Register, the Corvus Energy battery system is the only type approved ESS for marine vessels in the market today.

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