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Maritime Propulsion

March 15, 2022

Cummins: New Keel-cooled QSC8.3 600 Horsepower Rating for Marine Vessels


Cummins has introduced a new rating for its QSC8.3 propulsion engine, expanding the keel-cooled solution to 600 horsepower with an engine speed of 2800 rpm.

"This addition to the QSC8.3 power range means Cummins now offers 493 horsepower - 600 horsepower (368-441 kW) for both keel cooled and heat exchanger solutions," the company said.

"Cummins is the first engine manufacturer to bring this power dense rating with a keel cooling option to market," the company said.

"Optimized for use in light-duty applications including patrol boats and parasail boats, this engine is one of the core power solutions of the more than 1800 vessels that fish in Bristol Bay, Alaska.  The QSC8.3 600 horsepower closed loop, dual circuit, keel cooled rating is an ideal match for vessels needing extra power and speed in the shallow fisheries like those found in Bristol Bay, where boats are continuously fishing in less than 12 inches of water. This is possible thanks to the QSC having the best power-to-weight ratio for its horsepower within Cummins’ offerings coming in at just 1875 lbs (850kg)," Cummins said.

"The Cummins marine team has an in-depth knowledge of the complex remote fisheries, like Bristol Bay,” comments Mike Fourtner, Account Executive for Cummins Marine and commercial fisherman in Bristol Bay. “The 600-horsepower rating will increase speed, maneuverability and overall performance of Bristol Bay boats.”

According to Cumming, the keel cooled system is ideal for use in any light-duty marine application, and is much more efficient in shallow environments than the alternative option of heat exchanger cooled engines, which brings in seawater through a pump, then encounters issues due to a build-up of debris from the water.

"The innovative use of a closed loop keel cooled system to manage engine temperatures eliminates seawater pump issues while offering a zero-discharge solution. This provides a more environmentally conscious operation, by minimizing the possibility of contaminants entering the seawater," Cummins said.

Cummins said that its new QSC8.3 keel cooled rating is now available with a base warranty of 24 months or 1,000 hours, and is backed by Cummins’ network of over 9,000 service and dealer locations around the world.