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Maritime Propulsion

August 15, 2014

Delta "T" Debuts Variable Speed DCTV

Image: Delta "T" Systems

Delta "T" Systems introduces the new DCTV variable speed DC engine room ventilation control system. This fan control system is the next successor of Delta "T" Systems' DCT2 controller and is the most robust, yet technologically advanced DC fan control system on the market, the manufacturer claims.

The new DCTV controller is a dual-mode system that can be operated in manual mode or set to automatic mode for worry-free engine room ventilation. In the automatic mode, the DCTV controller senses the engine room temperature and then ramps the fan speeds up or down as needed in order to keep the temperature in the engine room within an acceptable range. According to Delta "T" Systems , this will ensure that a vessel's engines will be breathing cool air for optimum combustion and will also reduce fan speed automatically as the engine room temperature comes down for quieter, more efficient operation.

The demand-based DCTV fan control system not only maintains optimum engine room temperature, but also results in reduced overall power consumption. Since the system only ramps up the fans to a level necessary to maintain proper ventilation, it will not over-rev the fans on high speed when unnecessary.

When the DCTV controller is placed in manual mode, the user can dial the fan speed up or down to any desired setting to suit the application. This is a useful feature when performing maintenance or service in the engine room or while under way if the vessel's engineer elects to override the automatic operation of the system for any reason. The DCTV fan controller may be connected directly to the engine room's fire suppression system and will automatically shut down the fans in the event of a fire in both automatic and manual modes.

The DCTV ventilation control system is available in 12 or 24 VDC and is capable of running up to six fans or blowers with a maximum cumulative current draw of 40 amps. The system comes complete with a main control enclosure, switches, temperature sensor and an owner's manual. Installation is simple and has been well-documented in the installation and instruction manual, Delta "T" Systems said.