Friday, December 3, 2021
Maritime Propulsion

November 2, 2021

DNV Assesses Windship Technology's Zero Emissions Concept

(Image: Windship Technology)

Windship Technology said its Zero Emissions solution for shipping has been independently assessed by classification society DNV. By using data provided by Windship Technology – a British innovation company – DNV has performed an independent computer-based analysis of the concept’s emissions abatement potential.

Simon Rogers, Technical Director of Windship Technology, said, “Today everything changes. The world now has a True Zero Emission solution for the shipping industry with technologies that are available today and a commercial case rooted in economic sustainability. It’s a significant inflection point for the shipping industry. From a technical standpoint, Windship Technology is now proven.”

Using the COSSMOS analysis modelling suite for the drivetrain and based on the information provided, DNV assessed that Windship Technology’s solution captures 100% of the CO2 generated whilst providing 49% fuel savings.

Per Marius Berrefjord, Senior Vice President and Business Development Leader at DNV Maritime, said, “After extensive testing and modelling, the results from our analysis of Windship Technology’s innovative solution confirm that this design can provide a zero-emission system with the capability to save 49% of the expected fuel consumption of an Aframax tanker.”

Emeritus Professor Philip Wilson, Professor of Ship Dynamics at the Ship Science Department at the University of Southampton, said, “An incredible conclusion to a deep study by a leading registrar and classification society of ships. The system that delivers a true zero emission ship demonstrated by using real data is a remarkable and a humbling output to all the world ship operators, ship builders and ship designers.”