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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by July 9, 2018

Down Angle Gearbox Developed to the Next Level


The Down Angle gearbox series WVSA first exhibited by REINTJES in 2016 will be presented at this year’s SMM maritime trade fair as a “developed to the next level” product. The power train and gear specialist will display a ZWVSA 440 U HS06.

In close collaboration with customers REINTJES upgraded its Down Angle construction, which enables a horizontally installation of the diesel engine while the propeller shaft is sloped downwards, by adding even more customer specific details.

Therefore the product naming ZWVSA 440 U HS06 exactly stands for:

  • Z Zweigang (two speed gear) W Wende-Leichtgetriebe (reverse reduction gear in light weight design) V Achsversetzt (offset between input and output shaft) S für schnelle Schiffe (for fast vessels) A in Down-Angle-Ausführung (in Down Angle design)
  • 440 Achsabstand (center distance in mm)
  • U Antrieb und Abtrieb auf derselben Seite (input and output shaft on same side)
  • HS Hybrid System (Hybrid system included)
  • 06 60 kW E-Motor (60 kW electric motor)

These additional product details have already been installed in a real vessel. Furthermore the installation of the Fast Clutch 200 solution would be possible on this gearbox which enables fast shifting times in less than two seconds.