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Posted by March 12, 2015

ECA Marine Fuels: ExxonMobil launches Premium AFME 200

(Photo: ExxonMobil)

To help shipowners meet strict new emission mandates, ExxonMobil expanded its range of fuels for use within Emission Control Areas (ECA) with the introduction of ExxonMobil Premium Advanced Fuel Marine ECA 200 (AFME 200). The fuel joins ExxonMobil Premium HDME 50 as part of a new category of marine fuel that has emerged as a result of the 2015 ECA sulfur limit of 0.10 percent. These low sulfur fuels help engineers safely and efficiently operate their main and auxiliary engines and boilers.

ExxonMobil Premium AFME 200 is an advanced fuel oil formulated using a proprietary refining process that removes sulfur, metals and other contaminants, enabling the fuel to comply with the ECA sulfur cap and also helps to optimizse the performance of engines and extend component life.
The viscosity of ExxonMobil Premium AFME 200 is comparable to heavy fuel oils (HFOs) enabling similar storage and handling practices for both fuels on board marine vessels. Both fuels require preheating, therefore reducing the risk of thermal shock to engine components during switchovers to comply with the ECA sulfur cap. Thermal shock may result in fuel pump seizures and engine shutdowns and has the potential to occur when switching from heated HFO to marine gas oil (MGO) at ambient temperatures.

“ExxonMobil Premium AFME 200 and other new ECA fuels have a higher viscosity and flashpoint than MGO, helping shipping companies to undertake their day-to-day operations in a safe and efficient way,” said Rob Drysdale, global field engineering and logistics manager, ExxonMobil Marine Fuels and Lubricants.
Compatibility tests indicated that ExxonMobil Premium AFME 200 is fully compatible with ExxonMobil Premium HDME 50 and MGO.

ExxonMobil Premium AFME 200 is available from the Port of Southampton (U.K.) via barge delivery.


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