Thursday, June 30, 2022
Maritime Propulsion

June 22, 2022

Echandia, Toshiba Partner On Fuel Cells for Maritime

Magnus Eriksson, CEO Echandia (Photo: Echandia)

Echandia, a developer of energy solutions for maritime electrification, has entered into an agreement to deepen its collaboration with Toshiba. The partnership agreement will focus on the development of fuel-cell technology combined with batteries to accelerate electrification of the maritime sector.

The two companies have a long history of collaboration. Historically, Echandia has built its Lithium Titanium Oxide (LTO) based battery systems based on the Toshiba rechargeable LTO battery cell SCiBTM.

As demand for electrification of deep-sea and larger vessels builds up, heavy-duty and durable fuel-cell solutions are becoming an increasingly important part of the solution to decarbonize maritime transportation.

The objective of the partnership between Toshiba and Echandia is to develop the market for maritime fuel cell solutions, focused on extreme heavy-duty applications. With this partnership, Echandia said it sees the possibility to increase the lifespan of a typical fuel cell with at least 200%.

Magnus Eriksson, CEO Echandia, said, "Echandia is proud to announce this partnership with Toshiba, a world leader and innovator in pioneering high technology. We have a long history of working successfully together, and I am excited to strengthen the relationship further. Toshiba will be an invaluable partner in terms of develop our fuel cell systems."

Shigehiro Kawahara, Vice President, Energy Aggregation Div, Toshiba ESS commented, "Since Toshiba ESS began working on fuel cell systems in the 1960s, we have been advancing the development of hydrogen-related technologies. Striving toward the realization of a hydrogen society, we aim to provide high value-added hydrogen solutions by integrating related technologies such as renewable energy-derived hydrogen energy. By expanding our business through this collaboration, we will help make a carbon-neutral society a reality."