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Posted by December 8, 2015

Ecoslops Announces First Sale of Light Bitumen

Ecoslops, the first company to develop technology to produce recycled marine fuels from marine oil residues (slops), has announced its first sale of light bitumen.
Vincent Favier, CEO of Ecoslops, said:  “Following our initial sale of marine fuel, the first sale of light bitumen shows our plant in the Port of Sinès has the capacity to recycle and upcycle over 98 percent of the oil residue we collect, and our ability to meet the requirements of our end clients. This latest step bodes well for our future sales development. This demonstration of our industrial efficiency illustrates the validity of our business model and further increases our confidence in our ability to soon establish new sites.”
Ecoslops has just carried out its first sales of light bitumen (XFO), the heaviest cut of its production. The bitumen presents excellent technical characteristics for companies involved in waterproof and insulating cladding, such as the building and construction markets. An approach that is specific to Ecoslops and its teams, with weeks of co-development, has helped adapt it to its clients’ requirements.
The market for bitumen is predominantly local to the company’s industrial plant in the Port of Sines in Portugal, which should enable Ecoslops to find similar markets for future sites.  The light bitumen replaces equivalent virgin products, which increases its appeal as a recycled product. This first step creates additional development routes and opportunities to maximize the value of this product, but also that of products from lighter cuts (including light fuel, MDO, IFO).
Critically, Ecoslops is proving its ability to recycle and upcycle the majority all of the oil residues it collects (slops and sludges) either into marine fuel or into technical products for the building and construction markets.

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