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Posted by December 2, 2013

Engine Room Ventilation Critical for Engine Performance

Yacht captain Mike Hein knows firsthand the importance of good engine room circulation through decades of marine experience. Together with engine room ventilation specialist Delta "T" Systems, he's worked to keep his yachts' engines running their very best.

"Years ago I ran a sailing yacht with a two-fan system, one for intake and one for exhaust," said Hein. "I could tell the ventilation system was bad, causing the engine to starve. Inadequate engine room ventilation invariably leads to poor engine performance."

Hein noticed a huge improvement after the boat underwent a refit calling for a four-fan reversible Delta "T" system. "The four-fan system enabled us to have exhaust on the windward side and intake on the leeward. It meant we were no longer sucking in sea spray, and also had positive air pressure in the engine room. A four-fan system makes any engine run better," said Hein.

Today the captain of the 130' yacht fisher Mea Culpa, Hein once again diagnosed a problem with engine room ventilation. "I first noticed a circulation problem during a four- or five-day passage, when it became apparent that we had a hot spot." To help address the issue, Hein is currently acting as the owner's construction representative during a control system upgrade.

Already familiar with the high quality of the ventilation system company's products and service, Hein is once again overseeing installation of Delta "T" components, including a controller, temperature sensor, pressure sensor and touchscreen controller. Although space constrictions limit Mea Culpa to a two-fan system for now, "Delta "T" came through with an excellent solution to the hot spot problem – a crossover fan that sends air across the engine room. It works well to help keep air evenly distributed."

Delta "T" Systems is a single source for all ventilation system components, from custom design to engineering. The company has completed over 11,000 projects on vessels of every type around the world.

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