Friday, February 3, 2023
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Posted by May 18, 2016

Eniram Opens Office in London

Photo: Eniram

Eniram Limited, a  provider of fuel-saving technology and data analytics to the shipping industry, has announced that it is expanding its European operations by opening a new office in Central London.


"Our new office is located in the heart of the London shipping community at 4 Lombard Street adjacent to Bank Underground at Bank Interchange, with easy access to many of our present and future customers,” said Captain Jan Wilhelmsson, Vice-President Commercial Shipping, Eniram.

“Central London was a clear choice for us as it is the primary hub for shipping-related services”, Captain Jan Wilhelmsson continued. “With digitization making a disruptive entry into all aspects of commercial shipping operations in the next few years, we are building something that makes a difference to the bottom line and we look forward to bringing new technology and advanced analytics to the table.”