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Posted by October 28, 2015

EnviroLogic 210EP Approved for Thrustmaster

RSC Bio Solutions announced that its EnviroLogic 210EP readily biodegradable gear oil has been approved for use in Thrustmaster gearboxes and thrusters.
With this approval, Thrustmaster has extended its existing relationship with RSC Bio Solutions, whose sustainable technologies are approved for use by Thrustmaster in oil and gas, workboat, deep water, marine and wind construction applications.
RSC Bio Solutions describes EnviroLogic 210EP as a non-sheening, readily biodegradable synthetic ISO 100 grade gear oil that offers anti-wear and extreme-pressure properties, corrosion and rust protection and system cleanliness characteristics. It is approved for use in a variety of industrial applications where incidental exposure of oil to the environment is of concern. 
Thrustmaster previously approved EnviroLogic 3000 Series high-performing, non-sheening, readily biodegradable hydraulic fluids. They exhibit enhanced wear protection, cleanliness and longer life than conventional petroleum hydraulic oils and are intended for severe service, extreme high-temperature (250°F), low-temperature (-40°F), and high-pressure (5,000+psi) applications. EnviroLogic 3000 Series products can directly replace petroleum based hydraulic fluids of the same viscosity, yet have reduced environmental impact in the event of a leak or spill. 
EnviroLogic 210EP and the EnviroLogic 3000 Series both meet the requirements of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP).
“In light of a desire to be more sustainably focused and expanding regulatory pressure, marine operators are searching for environmentally acceptable solutions that pair compliance with performance benefits,” said Dr. Bernard C. Roell, Jr., vice president of technology at RSC Bio Solutions. “Our products have been thoroughly tested in the lab and, more importantly, in the field, to exceed OEM requirements while delivering superior performance and total cost of ownership outcomes.” 
RSC Bio Solutions said its EnviroLogic sustainable solutions are suitable, proven and approved for a wide range of applications, including controllable pitch propellers and thrusters, as well as other oil-to-sea interfaces and meet a wide range of ISO grades and industry performance specifications for hydraulic and gear oils. These products maintain technical feasibility, as proven by the many original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approvals, including: Aegir, Blohm & Voss, Eaton/Vickers, Linde, Rolls Royce, Rexroth, Komatsu and Wärtsilä.
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