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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by September 29, 2015

Envirologic Gets Becker Marine Systems Approval

EnviroLogic 3032 hydraulic fluid and EnviroLogic 802 grease are certified as VGP compliant, technically feasible for marine industry

RSC Bio Solutions, a developer of environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) and cleaners, as well as 
absorbents,  announced that its EnviroLogic 3032 readily biodegradable hydraulic fluid and EnviroLogic 802 multipurpose, lithium-complex biodegradable grease have been approved for use in Becker Marine Systems rudders.
According to its developer, EnviroLogic 3032 hydraulic fluid is a high performance, readily biodegradable, synthetic ISO 32 grade hydraulic fluid. It is intended for severe service, extreme high temperature (250°F), low temperature (-40°F) and high pressure (5,000+ psi) applications. EnviroLogic 3032 can directly replace petroleum oil based hydraulic fluids of the same viscosity, yet has reduced environmental impact in the event of a leak or spill, as it is readily biodegradable and non-sheening. 
EnviroLogic 802 is a multipurpose, lithium-complex, biodegradable NLGI #2 EP grease. It demonstrates excellent dropping point, water resistance and structure stability over a wide range of temperatures. EnviroLogic 802 is also formulated to possess excellent oxidative stability, corrosion protection, and EP/antiwear protection. 
“With increasing regulatory and environmental pressure, interest in environmentally acceptable solutions continues to grow,” said Mike Guggenheimer, president and CEO, RSC Bio Solutions. “While VGP compliance is critical, technical feasibility and performance are paramount.  RSC Bio Solutions is committed to creating superior products that exceed OEM requirements, and we are proud to add Becker Marine Systems to the growing list of companies who recognize the value of these products.” 
In addition to Becker Marine steering systems, EnviroLogic EALs are suited for a range of applications including controllable pitch propellers and thrusters as well as other oil-to-sea interfaces like stern tubes, thruster bearings, stabilizers, rudder bearings, azimuth thrusters, propulsion pods, wire rope and mechanical equipment subject to immersion. EnviroLogic products also meet a wide range of ISO grades and industry performance specifications for hydraulic and gear oils. 
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