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Maritime Propulsion

October 7, 2013

ETI's UltraBurn Gets Favorable Feedback

Emissions Technology, Inc. (ETI) of Houston, Texas draws attention to significant fuel saving and emission reducttion reported by two ferry operators using their UltraBurn® Combustion Catalyst System.

The ferry  vessels concerned operate in the pristine environments of the Pacific Northwest where emissions reduction (particularly black smoke) are as important as fuel savings.

Skagit County Ferry Operations Division reported a reduction in black smoke of over 43% and double digit reductions in other emissions on their M/V Guemes Island ferry. The owners installed ETI's UltraBurn® Combustion Catalyst Systems on their two main propulsion engines and their generator earlier this year for the primary purpose of reducing black smoke.

The Pierce County Public Works and Utilities Division reported a fuel cost savings of more than 32% in the last six months due to the use of UltraBurn® technology. Pierce County installed the UltraBurn® systems on its propulsion engines and generators on both the M/V Steilacoom II and the M/V Christine.

ETI explain that the engines used on these three ferry vessels are also commonly used in equipment in the oil and gas, mining, forestry, construction and cargo handling industries, where their UltraBurn® Combustion Catalyst System is installed on equipment in all these industries.

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