Thursday, October 6, 2022
Maritime Propulsion

September 1, 2014

Exhaust Gas Boiler Contracts for Parat Halvorsen

Parat Halvorsen AS says it has been awarded new boiler plant contracts for two freezer trawlers to be built at TERSAN Shipyard located in Telova, Turkey.

The boiler plants are for Tersan¹s new buildings No. 1060 & No. 1066  which will be equipped with Parat combined oil fired and exhaust gas boilers, type MCS, to provide production steam for the freezer trawlers fishmeal and fish oil factory.
Both freezer trawlers are designed by Skipsteknisk in Ålesund, Norway of ST-116 and ST-118 design and are highly automated, with the intention of achieving very high throughput with minimum fish damage, the improvement of employee efficiency and all in a clean and safe work area. The vessels will have the latest in emission Tier 2 certification.

The ST-116 design is to be delivered to the Russian ship owner Agricultural Processing Cooperative Fishing Collective Farm "ANDEG"

The ST-118 is for the Greenland ship owner Sikuaq Trawl A/S and Christensen family. Both trawlers are scheduled for delivery in 2016.