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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by August 1, 2019

Finland Ferries Standardizes with SCHOTTEL

Photo courtesy of SCHOTTEL

The SCHOTTEL After Sales Team has carried out a modernization on two double-ended ferries operated by FinFerries. 

Both vessels, capable of holding either 14 cars or up to 60 tons of payload, were originally equipped with various propeller systems manufactured in different years. For the retrofit, the state-owned operator requested a tailor-made concept to allow the same propeller assembly to be used. At the same time, the solution had to be quick and easy to install.

In each ferry, two SCHOTTEL Rudderpropellers type SRP 150 have been installed. In the “Hanhivirta” ferry, it was possible to install the Rudderpropeller in the existing well. For the “Mossala” sister vessel, an adapter ring had to be incorporated as its well was considerably larger. To prepare for the installation at the FinFerries site, a team of engineers from the company attended a one-week training session at the SCHOTTEL Academy in Spay, Germany.

Reducing costs, increasing availability
The advantage of this retrofit is a higher degree of standardization in its fleet – which reduces costs for spare parts and increases availability. In addition to the two SRP 150s, FinFerries also ordered a separate unit as a spare. This allows for quick replacement in case of an outage and ensures 24/7 service.

Third Finnish ferry to be retrofitted
In addition, the German propulsion expert secured another order for the modernization of a third ferry: “Kuparovirta”, a sister vessel of “Hanhivirta”, will also be retrofitted with SCHOTTEL Rudderpropellers by the end of the year.

Spare parts for decades
Vessels like those employed by FinFerries have a lifetime of up to fifty years and longer. However, when spare parts are needed, there’s no time to wait. From its warehouse in Spay, Germany, SCHOTTEL can get spare parts to any customer worldwide within 24 hours of order placement. As an OEM, SCHOTTEL guarantees the availability of spare parts for the coming decades.

Finland, the land of a thousand lakes
With 187,888 lakes, 1,250 kilometers of Baltic coast and nearly 800 islands larger than a square kilometer in size, ferries are indispensable for Finland’s transport infrastructure. As a state-owned company and one of the operators, FinFerries is responsible for ensuring that all this water remains passable – with an extensive network of over 40 routes across Finland from the coastal areas to the Lakeland district in the east.

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