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Maritime Propulsion

March 27, 2018

Fishing Vessel Sees Large Fuel Savings

  • Golden Alaska (Photo: Power Fuel Savers)
  • (Photo: Power Fuel Savers)
  • Golden Alaska (Photo: Power Fuel Savers)
  • (Photo: Power Fuel Savers)

The 305-foot factory trawler f/v Golden Alaska is powered by twin MAK six-cylinder engines and has a large boiler used to support large fishmeal-fish oil processor and hoteling galley needs of the 130-person crew and factory personnel.

The vessel is in its fourth year and eighth pollock season using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst on output of dual centrifuges for a 5,300-gallon day tank. They get approximately 18 months service from each core and now are on their third one.

“I can attest to a fuel savings as well as a much cleaner burn; however, I am mostly impressed with the cleaner burn for our boiler system and the results we see when removing cylinder heads from the main engines for service, said Mark Purdue, chief engineer and technical advisor, Golden Alaska Seafoods.

“We see significantly cleaner piston crowns as well as a very clean and pronounced pattern from fuel injection,” Purdue said. “Less smoke from main engines, less smoke from boiler, which again indicates better oxygenation and cleaner, more complete burning cycles.”

According to Fitch distributer Power Fuel Savers, results from the current season are showing fuel savings on boiler of about 130gpd and on main engines during operating days of 340-475gpd as compared to baseline established in 2014 B season.

In addition, at least one major tug operators has initiated evaluations of the Fitch technology for fuel savings potential as well as other benefits, Power Fuel Savers said.