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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by October 21, 2016

Fuel Data Analysis Improves Performance

  • (Photo: Royston Diesel Power)
  • (Photo: Royston Diesel Power)
  • (Photo: Royston Diesel Power)
  • (Photo: Royston Diesel Power)
Enginei fuel monitoring systems provide comprehensive fuel data analysis and reporting options to provide vessel owners and operators with detailed engine performance and other mission critical information.
To support workboats, offshore support fleets and inland waterway operators along the U.S. Gulf Coast, enginei’s regional representative is the Houma, La.-based Bow 2 Stern Technologies, who will also be present at this year’s International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans.
Enginei records fuel consumption data by individual engines which is presented on board via touchscreen monitors installed on the bridge and in engine control rooms. In addition, the system remotely sends the information from ship to shore where it can be accessed through a simple web dashboard with computer generated graphs and Google mapping to show an operational profile of a vessel. 
Alongside fuel consumption, the enginei system also provides a low cost method of measuring vessel emissions, including CO2, NOx and SOx profiles. Emissions monitoring can be assessed against individual engines and can be used in relation to a vessel’s performance against SECA zone, SEEMP and IMO regulations.
In addition, to help tug and barge operators on inland waterways calculate tax payments to relevant federal, state and regional authorities, enginei also includes a Geofencing capability. This allows accurate fuel consumption measurements throughout a vessel’s working day to be linked to voyage and GPS data to enable fuel tax liabilities in different waterway tax zones to be calculated, recorded and reported quickly and efficiently.
The enginei integrated fuel management system is compatible with all marine engine types and can be interfaced with new-build engine installations or retrofitted to operating vessels.
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