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Maritime Propulsion

May 9, 2012

Fuel Injection Services – Customer Online Info System

PB Asher of Amsterdam offers MAN, Woodward & Bosch, customers online information service backup for their marine fuel injection system maintenance

With the ever increasing fuel costs and the constant pressure to reduce emissions throughout the world, it is becoming increasingly important for fuel injection systems to be maintained to the highest possible standard. PB Asher Diesel Injection Group, realise the importance of this and have invested in the latest inspection and testing equipment as well as ensuring continual training of our already highly skilled staff.

All jobs can be tracked through our on-line 'Job tracker' which is accessible 24hrs a day and includes up-to-date and archived information of all work carried out for the customer.

Since 1992, PB Asher has been the sole UK, officially appointed Authorised Service Partner for MAN fuel injection equipment and is  also Sales and Service Agents for Woodward fuel injection systems (formerly Lucas Bryce) as well as Bosch.

The company's 1400m2  facility is situated a short distance from Southampton Docks with Fawley & Hamble Oil Terminals close by. However, our engineers are available for all onboard / onsite work regardless of location. They also offer a delivery and collection service throughout the UK and Europe.

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