Thursday, June 4, 2020
Maritime Propulsion

Posted by June 24, 2019

Fuel Tech in Spotlight at ABS HTC

Photo courtesy of ABS

Dual fuel engines, alternative fuels and new energy sources led the discussion at the ABS Hellenic Technical Committee (HTC).

More than 40 leaders from the Greek shipping industry representing owners, operators and technical professionals debated the impact of new technologies.

Delegates had the opportunity to give direct technical feedback on a range of areas ranging from slow steaming, future fuels, cyber security and condition-based maintenance, as well as ABS Rules thanks to ABS Interactive Polling Software. They also heard NAIAS LABS present on marine fuels and the key concerns for 2020.

The HTC brings together ABS and industry leaders to discuss key technical issues and developments as they apply to ABS Rules. The HTC also analyzes technology trends, which are impacting the marine industry.

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