Sunday, October 1, 2023
Maritime Propulsion

July 25, 2023

EU Funds Fuel Cell Ferry Project

Source: TECO 2030

TECO 2030 and 14 consortium partners are to receive Horizon Europe funding to build and demonstrate a passenger ferry powered by TECO 2030 PEM fuel cells.

The grant amount reserved for TECO 2030 is EUR 2.3 million ($2.5 million), and the consortium members come from seven European countries and cover the whole innovation value chain, including technology developers, academic institutions, maritime engineering, class society, digital transformation and a shipyard.

The project is a Horizon Innovation Action that aims to develop, build and demonstrate a 35 meter, 300 passenger capacity vessel that will be powered by TECO 2030’s FCM400 fuel cell system.

The vessel will be operated in Southern Europe. TECO 2030 will work closely with all the consortium partners to develop the entire value chain ensuring full operational requirements for the vessel. This includes a functional hydrogen refueling system, fulfilling infrastructure requirements, cost optimization during operations and efficient data management.

The project is expected to start around January 2024.

In March this year, Innovation Norway granted TECO 2030 NOK 50 million ($5 million) in development support, and in February, the company along with Shell and other partners commenced the three-year HyEkoTank project. TECO 2030 aims to retrofit six 400kW fuel cell modules in a container solution and demonstrate power supply for both propulsion and auxiliary loads using hydrogen with zero emissions as fuel.